Clever Ideas to Make a Home Gym Attractive

Training at home with gym equipment

Staying in shape is as important as creating an attractive house. The cost of a gym membership can add up over time, with monthly membership fees adding up to hundreds of dollars each year. For the same price, a homeowner can begin purchasing workout equipment, building a home gym that offers the convenience of working out without leaving the house.

The challenge is creating a home gym that’s attractive. This is especially true if you’re working with limited space, taking away the possibility of dedicating an entire room to your gym. Here are a few things you can do to make a home gym more appealing.

Use Mirrors

If you’ve set an entire room aside for your home gym, mirrors can make a big difference. Commercial gyms use full-length mirrors to allow weightlifters to make sure they have the right posture and form as they lift barbells and hand weights. Your full-length mirrors will provide the same motivation, as well as improving the Feng Shui of the room, especially if you place one opposite a window.

Use Your View

If you’re lucky enough to have a view, take full advantage of it by positioning your equipment to face it. This is especially true if your view involves scenery like mountains or water. If you have a pool or hot tub, you can place your gym facing in that direction to create a recreational-type flow. This gym is a high-end demonstration of how placement can create a flow that makes a home gym feel more natural.

Hide It Away

If you’re living in a small space or don’t have a room that facilitates a home gym, there are options that will allow you to maintain your décor while still working out at home. Foldaway treadmills and stationary bicycles can be stored safely in a corner, where they’ll be out of the way when guests visit. You can also turn a small room, garage, or basement into a gym and your guests never even have to know about it unless you want them to.

Use the Great Outdoors

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area with decent weather most of the year, an outside gym may work. This is especially ideal for areas with moderate temperatures or warmer areas where workouts can be done in early morning or evening hours. If you don’t have a covered porch, consider building an overhang that will protect your equipment from the elements. If you work your outdoor gym in with clever landscaping, you can make it enhance your back yard rather than take away from it.

A home gym offers the convenience of working out at home while also saving the cost of a monthly gym membership. If you carefully plan your gym, you can create an area that will provide the workout experience you need while also adding to the charm of your home. Whether you choose your back yard, garage, or a room inside your home, you can create a gym that will fit your own unique style.